Does My Business Website Need Terms And Conditions?

If your business has a website or e-commerce site with products, services, downloads, or subscriptions, the answer is a resounding yes!
5 Simple Reasons Your Business Website Needs Terms And Conditions

There are plenty of reasons for your website to have terms and conditions for its users or visitors to abide by. The following are a few of them –
▪️Limit your legal liabilities from users and visitors
▪️Protect your intellectual property
▪️Establish proper conduct of use
▪️Make required disclosures
▪️Provide a governing law

Furthermore, one of the primary benefits of having a terms and conditions agreement with your website’s users or visitors is that you maintain the highest level of control over your website and business.
What Provisions Should I Have For My Terms and Conditions?

There is an exhaustive list of provisions you should have, but some of the important provisions in your website’s terms and conditions agreement are below –

▪️ User Conduct
▪️ User Content
▪️ Ownership of Intellectual Property
▪️ Limitation of Liabilities
▪️ Governing Law 
▪️ Indemnification
▪️ Warranty disclaimers
▪️  Payment terms (if applicable)  

How Do I Make the Terms And Conditions Enforceable?

To make your website’s terms and conditions enforceable, insert a checkbox with a statement to be bound or a button that says “I Agree”


While you be completely capable to draft your website or e-commerce’s terms and conditions, you should retain a lawyer to draft and review them. This can ensure that your business’ needs are adequately addressed and your expectations from the website’s users or visitors are properly aligned.
Does your business or e-commerce website have the required terms and conditions in place to avoid legal issues?


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