What Is A Breach Of Contract?

Short Answer:  A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to fulfill their underlying obligation under the contract ?❌

What Type Of Agreements Can Have A Breach? ?

▪️There are a multitude of contracts in which a breach can occur, including –

Contract for sale of goods
Contract for sale of services
Contract for joint venture
Contract for lease

How Does One Maintain A Breach Of Contract Cause Of Action In Court? ⚖️?‍⚖️▪️

To maintain a breach of contract claim, a party must establish that –

1. There is a valid contract
2. One party fulfilled their obligations under the contract
3. The other party failed to fulfill its obligations under the contract
4. As a result of the failure, one party has suffered damages

What Substantive Laws Control Breach Of Contract Claims? ???️

▪️ Most breach of contract claims will be controlled by the laws of each state

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